About the Artist: Sarah Thomas

I am Sarah Thomas and I am a 6th grader at Irving Middle School. I was born in Charlottesville, Virginia. When I was in Virginia, I went to Baker-Butler Elementary School and lived on a farm that we called Edgewood. In 2005, my family and I moved to Lincoln, Nebraska.

When we moved I was going into 2nd grade and my new school in Lincoln was Sheridan Elementary School. In 2008 my whole family went to London, as my dad was a Fellow at the British Library. We were there for about 4 months and I had a great experience and even went sailing! My dad and I have sailed in two National Snipe races in Colorado and Florida.

A year after we came to Lincoln, I applied for an art mentor. I got one! My art mentor and I worked on many projects together. One of my best projects was an abstract boat that had lots of color (acrylic and pastel). I have always loved art and painting.

Artwork Interpretation: "All Clear"

I am a sailor. When my family moved to Nebraska, after 15 years of not sailing in Virginia due to the distance away from the nearest water, my dad finally decided to start it up again to time teach us. He was searching for sailing clubs when he finally found a Snipe fleet on Branched Oak Lake just 30 minutes away. He then taught my brother and me.

One day I was reading the Sailing Rule Book when I turned to the back and found all the racing flags. I thought they were so interesting. My favorite one was the life jacket flag. This flag is a flag that is an alternating yellow and red diagonally across the flag, the life vest flag. On my rain barrel, I've painted different flags, including the life vest flag, to make a geometric pattern.