About the Artist: St. John The Apostle Catholic School, 4th Grade Class

Creative teaching at its best comes to life with the teamwork of teaching veteran Barb Kuhn and Art Specialist and community activist; Anna Alcalde. Recently the St. John the Apostle Catholic 4th graders have been studying Nebraska history as well as natural conservation. They have been practicing recycling in their home room with Mrs. Kuhn. The class also meets weekly with Mrs. Alcalde for Art lessons, including blending paints, color wheel and design layout. The students brainstormed with designs and ideas, sketching them on paper. They chose one favorite feature of their own rough sketch to combine with the class on to the rain barrel. Thirty students painted their own individual part of the design – that's a lot of teamwork!

Artwork Interpretation: "Know Water, Know Life, No Water, No Life"

Painted with acrylics; mountains, plains and ocean life depend on Mother Natures watering can. People, as well as animals and plants need water to survive and thrive! The students of St. John's Catholic School are amazingly aware and concerned about saving our planets resources...like water! They enjoyed watching a video on how a rain barrel functions and how to keep its maintenance. They became aware of although a rain barrel is not a new idea, the information needs to be shared with each generation to conserve.

We had fun brainstorming, sharing ideas and painting. Our barrel; "Know Water, Know Life, No Water, No Life" emerged like a spring shower.