About the Artist: Becca DeWitt

My name is Becca DeWitt and I've lived in Lincoln the entire 24 years I've been alive. I have a strong passion for nature and the environment and would like to make a career of it someday. I have recently been exploring my creative side, and when I saw the opportunity to do so while helping the local watershed program & Spring Creek Prairie Audubon Center I knew it was a perfect fit for me! I'm honored to have been chosen to help these worthwhile programs in an altruistic manner while also being able to display my artistic talents. I hope that my barrel will remind you of the natural beauty that surrounds us & inspire you to get involved in making our environment a cleaner more efficient place to live.

Artwork Interpretation: "A Technicolor Twighlight"

The inspiration for my design came purely from nature. It's loosely based off of a photo I took near Wilderness Park. I also added other elements ranging from our famous sunsets to my wild imagination. I used twigs and dry leaves to do some of the painting. Nature is my muse and every day it inspires me to be the best I can be!