About the Artist: Crockett-Horn Family

Keeping art in the family, our rain barrel was a multigenerational team project. Our team consists of Judy Crockett, an avid textile artist and doll maker; her son Joe Crockett, a musician and recovering painter/printmaker; Joe's wife Taura Horn, an artist and professional photographer; and (not pictured) Joe's son Brodie, a talented pianist as well as adept drummer, guitarist and master of any other instrument he gets his hands on. Each one of us has our unique strengths - be it master brainstorming, color and design skills, enthusiasm, thoughtfulness or just plain worker bee. The combination and cross-over of our talents make us a great team, and makes for a fun experience.

Artwork Interpretation: "Upstairs/Downstairs"

Upstairs/Downstairs highlights our area's prairie plants and their amazing root systems. Although many prairie plants seem unassuming, their complex root systems are extensive, some reaching down more than 15 feet. This enables prairie plants to prevent erosion, withstand droughts and fires, as well as filtrate water as it passes through to underground aquifers.

We painted the plants upstairs to be recognizable while still using a bit of artistic license, but the roots downstairs are in full party mode.

Our family had fun combining creative ideas and diverse styles in this collaborative effort.