About the Artist: Jenn Simons

Jenn Simons has her bachelor's degree in environmental studies and sociology from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. While she's currently interning at a Certified Naturally Grown greenhouse outside of Lincoln, she's always looking for something creative to take up in her spare time. You might say she was re-inspired to try painting following a recent visit to Paint Yourself Silly spent reminiscing about all those summer art camps she used to attend in middle school. Or maybe it was after whitewashing a barn this summer and watching the paint dry (way more exciting than it sounds). Regardless, she's happy to have another excuse to find herself with paint-speckled fingers and a new set of paintbrushes.

Artwork Interpretation: "Prairie Pollen"

This painting of the colorful beehives across the golden prairie showcases the relationship between pollinators and the prairie from the viewpoint of a casual onlooker. Pollinators like honey bees feast off the prairie, and in return prairie plants are better able to reproduce and survive from the pollination. Even if beehives, and their honey bee inhabitants, are the easiest representation of this symbiosis from afar, we must keep in mind the importance of having a variety of pollinators to preserve our prairies.