About the Artist: JoAnne Shipperbottom

My name is JoAnne Shipperbottom and I am a local artist. I have lived in Lincoln with my husband Dave for 14 years. Our two children Sparrow and Jet were born here and call it home.

This will be the second time I have participated in the Artistic Rain Barrel program. I am very excited to be part of it again!

I am a local business owner (tattooing for 13 years) and usually place my art on people not barrels! It is a nice change to have a canvas that doesn't move, but the conversation is quite boring!

I enjoy being creative and silly with my children and will have to get a rain barrel of our own so they can paint one too!

It is always an honor to be part of these programs and I hope to do more in the future!



Other rain barrels by this artist:
2010: "Mother Nature"

Artwork Interpretation: "Pictured Prairie"

I have always been a prairie girl although not from Nebraska. I just recently had the opportunity to spend some time in western Nebraska.

This barrel shows the wide open spaces and contrast of dried fields that will soon be covered in green as the spring rains arrive. The first flowers add specks of color to the dull landscape. The bright blue sky goes on forever.

It also reflects the last of those whimsical flowers, real and not, that hang on after the end of a long hot summer. The bright blue sky goes on forever.

We can try to capture an image in our mind, and freeze it, frame it and it will last forever. Our minds eye will tend to enhance it, sometimes not by much but it will make it more magical than it was and that is the greatness of the memory and our imagination.

The best thing is when that memory reflects the real thing.