About the Artist: Kendra Perley

I am a Lincoln native and self-taught artist. I received my MA in Cultural Anthropology from UNL in 2011, and have an interest in religion and folklore. However, I have always had a passion for drawing and painting, which started as a child, and I have found my niche in painting rain barrels. I enjoy creating a unique and functional piece of art. When I'm not painting rain barrels or working on other art projects, I enjoy being outdoors, music, reading, traveling, and spending time with my husband, Mark, and our two dogs.

Other rain barrels by this artist:
2011: "Suncatcher Sonata"
2012: "How Koi"
2013: "Like it's always been before"

Artwork Interpretation: "Guiding Me Home"

I wanted this barrel design to highlight the tranquility and limitlessness of a prairie night sky. Away from city lights, the sky shines with stars above the vast rolling prairie, the moon acting as a beacon of light. I also wanted to maintain a human element, hence the dirt road. I wanted to leave the interpretation of where the road leads up to the viewer and what "guiding me home" means to them. Maybe it's a place among the stars, or roaming through the prairie grass, or maybe the road leads to a quaint house over the hill. However the viewer interprets the design, my goal was to showcase the beauty and solace of a prairie night sky.