About the Artist: Julie Walstrom & Lincoln Southwest High School

Julie Walstrom, art teacher at Lincoln Southwest High School, has experience that encompasses 35 years and teaching all age levels. Even though some of her own art work has been published she primarily enjoys teaching others how creativity enhances their lives.

Julie's Beginning Drawing and Beginning Painting classes came together to create the Prairie Theme on two barrels. While both classes focused on the design work, the drawing class concentrated primarily on sketching the designs while the painting class focused on the painting. Fifty-seven students were involved. All students submitted designs. Group discussions took place focusing on what subjects might be included. The designs were posted and then students each created ideas as to how the visuals could be combined and used on the barrels. The end result took the classes and visiting viewers on a prairie journey through time.

Artwork Interpretation: "Our Prairie Through Time I & II"

"Our Prairie Through Time I & II" is the result of two Lincoln Southwest High School classes, Beginning Drawing and Beginning Painting, combining ideas representing a variety of stories our plains have witnessed throughout history. Day and night scenery provide the background for the environment of prairie waterfowl, buffalo, and cougar. Our more populated areas that have evolved on the prairie are included illustrating how all have interacted together to make the plains what they are today.