About the Artist: Michael O'Sullivan

Michael O'Sullivan is a Lincoln native who studied animation in Colorado for a couple years. He's spent the last 13 years in kitchens, all the while maintaining a steady drawing habit. After years of doing personal drawing commissions and live caricature, he began painting, learning oils, spray paint, watercolor and acrylics. Not wanting to let the natural beauty around him go to waste, he spent a good part of a year studying and painting bison. Now, he's venturing back to his first love-comics. He lives with his girlfriend, Lindsey and his son, Killian.

Artwork Interpretation: "Oh, Give Me A Home"

I have had a fascination with creating artwork with animals for years, and last summer I had some great encounters watching the bison at Pioneer's Park with my son. This led to an intense period of research on them, paintings and drawings of skeletons and musculature, along with them in different seasons. When I find out this year's theme was the prairie, it was a natural fit. I found the rock formations of Western Nebraska great for a backdrop, and had fun with the clouds.