About the Artist: Shelby-Rising City Schools Art 2 Class

(L to R) Brittany Hopwood, Gabby Wesely, Evan Houdersheldt, Megan Ingalls, and Kodie Aeschliman. All are seniors and under the art direction of Carmen Stineman.

This is the first year for our school to enter the contest, so very excited. We brainstormed ideas about what it meant to Nebraska to have good water and what that water is used for. When faced with a "prairie theme" we automatically went to Chimney Rock as the ideal prairie, but talked about how the rain water runoff comes across Nebraska in our many rivers. We decided to follow the path of the rain water from western Nebraska as it comes east, and how we use that same water to irrigate the crops so abundant to our states livelihood. Each student created a drawing of that idea, and all ideas were compiled into one image.

Artwork Interpretation: "Great Plains of Nebraska"

Our entry is trying to show how the rain storms in western Nebraska (Chimney Rock) create runoff into our streams and rivers, which in turn travels to the middle Nebraska plains and into eastern Nebraska crop lands. The runoff can be used for irrigation purposes thus lessening our dependence on the Aquifer deep underground. It is all about saving water and using what water we have been given, wisely.