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City of Lincoln
2005 Stormwater Bond Issue

39th and 'D'

39th & 'D' Area Improvements

Contact Person:
Kris Humphrey
Type of Project:
Design (Construction funded through 2007 bond issue)
Urban Storm Drain Project
The design of a new stormwater system near 39th and 'D' Streets. Additional pipes and inlets will be designed in 38th, 39th and 'E' Streets just north of 'D' Street, along with an additional pipe in 'D' Street from 38th to 39th. The result of this new stormwater system will be a reduction in the depth of stormwater flow in the streets and adjacent properties. It will also a reduce the time and extent of flooding near 39th and 'D' Streets.
Project Status:
Construction Complete
The Schemmer Associates
HR Bookstrom

July 2007

July 2007
Map of Project:
Public Meetings:
August 29, 2006:
Construction Information

2005 Stormwater Bond Issue Projects