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2005 Stormwater Bond Issue Projects: 50th and 'R'

Fact Sheet (October 2006)

City of Lincoln 50th and 'R' Street 2005 Storm Bond Project
Project Update - October 2006


The City of Lincoln Public Works and Utilities Department, is working with HDR Engineering to design stormwater improvement projects at 52nd and 'Q' Street and at 50th and R Street to address flooding concerns in the area. A public open house was held on April 20, 2006 to discuss the proposed improvements. The project has been budgeted and funded through the 2005 Storm Water Bond Issue.

Construction is expected to begin in the summer of 2007 to be completed by the fall of 2007. Originally the project was to start construction in the fall of 2006, but has been delayed to better coordinate with other projects in the area.

Flooding History

Both the 50th & 'R' Street and 52nd & 'Q' Street areas have experienced past flooding.

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50th and 'R' Street Evaluation

A thorough evaluation of the stormwater system was completed at 50th and 'R' Street to look at all options for reducing flooding in this area; However, evaluation shows that completely eliminating the flooding problem at this location would increase the flooding problem downstream (see figure at left). With the existing system, during a major flooding event stormwater in the street can get up to three feet deep. If the flooding at this location were to be eliminated completely by adding additional culvert capacity, this would cause increased flooding to business in the Vine Street area, east of 48th Street.

50th and 'R' Street Recommendation

To improve safety without causing additional flooding problems downstream, the City is proposing to install warning signals on 'R' Street to alert drivers to street flooding. In additions, the City plans to install a 36-inch pipe next to the garages north of the street to reduce the duration of flooding by draining the street more quickly without overloading the downstream system (see figure at left). These are the most effective steps that can be taken for this location at this time for stormwater without adversely affecting downstream owners.

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52nd and 'Q' Street Evaluation

Evaluation of the flooding at 52nd and 'Q' Street shows that when the capacity of the existing 60-inch storm sewer conduit is exceeded, runoff follows an unintended overland flow route through the Central Plaza Centre, flooding the University of Nebraska Credit Union, the New Century building and associated parking lots. 52nd and 'Q' Street Recommendation The proposed storm sewer improvement project will provide a defined overland flow route. This proposed flow path would consist of a 20-foot wide grass-lined channel along the south side of the Central Plaza Centre. The combined capacity of the existing conduit and proposed channel would convey runoff from the 100-year flood and reduce the flood hazard.

Questions? Please Contact:

City of Lincoln
Engineering Services
949 W. Bond St., Ste. 200
Lincoln, NE 68521

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