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2005 Stormwater Bond Issue Projects: Public Parking Lot Rehabilitation

Urban Retrofit Pollutant Reduction Project Fact Sheet

Stormwater collection and treatment is quickly becoming a major concern for large urban areas such as Lincoln. In an effort to proactively address the degradation of the public waters due to excessive volumes of runoff and the pollutants they contain, the City of Lincoln will be retrofitting two publicly owned paved parking lots with innovative stormwater collection and treatment systems.

American Legion Park

American Legion Park - click for larger image

The first parking lot is located in American Legion Park on the northwest corner of 27th and Randolph Street. Currently, the parking lot runoff is collected by a conventional curb and gutter system which provides no stormwater treatment. This parking lot will be retrofitted with an offline Bioretention area known as a Bioswale. The Bioswale will capture and treat the first flush during a rainfall event which has been shown to contain 80% of all pollutants such as dirt, oil, grease, and fertilizers.

27th and 'F' Street

27th and 'F' Street Parking Lot - click for larger image

The second parking lot is located on the southeast corner of 27th and 'F' Street. This parking lot is also served by a conventional curb and gutter stormwater collection system that provides no stormwater treatment. The area will be retrofitted with two new water collection and treatment systems. The first is an offline Bioretention area known as a rain garden. It is essentially the same as the Bioswale at American Legion parking except for the way stormwater is routed once the rain garden has reached its maximum capacity. In addition to the rain garden the center parking stalls and sidewalk will be remove and replaced with a pervious pavement system with a stone groundwater recharge bed located beneath it. This system will capture and treat the stormwater that falls on it for oils, grease, fertilizers, and other organic materials.

Project Schedule

Project Status:
Construction Complete

For More Information

For more information about this project, please contact Ed Kouma with the Watershed Management Division at 402-441-7018.

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