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2005 Stormwater Bond Issue - Best Management Practice Projects

Stormwater Facility Demonstration Projects

Stormwater Facility Demonstration Projects

Lower Platte South Natural Resources District
Contact Person:
Ben Higgins
Type of Project:
Design and Construction
Best Management Practice
In March of 2005, the City adopted the Stevens Creek Watershed Master Plan, which included recommendations for City-wide stormwater standards that integrate water quality features with flood control facilities on new development sites in order to protect water quality and prevent stream erosion. These features, called "Site-Specific Structural Best Management Practices," were recommended to be implemented through a public-private cost share approach. This recommendation was based on the assumption that there is both a private and public responsibility relative to how these features function together as a system to address water quality and stream stability throughout a watershed.
Following the adoption of the Master Plan, there was continued concern expressed about how these features would be incorporated into a development site and current standards. This project is comprised of three sub-projects each designed to demonstrate how water quality features can be incorporated into a development site. The two participating developments are:
  • Apple's Way and Artisan Meadows, west of 66th and Highway 2
  • Village Gardens southwest of 56th and Pine Lake Road Bioretention Area (Large Rain Garden):
    A cul-de-sac island at Straffan Place has been configured to accept and infiltrate stormwater runoff. This Best Management Practice reduces pollutants in the runoff before they reach Beal Slough.
Note: There is no placement of an icon for this project on the accompanying map.
Project Status:
Construction Complete
Olsson Associates
Village Gardens at Straffan Place, one block west of S. 61st & Pine Lake Road:

Sunken Garden/Bioretention Area

One of two stormwater inlets into the garden
Stevens Creek Watershed Master Plan

Best Management Practice Projects