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Watershed Education: Artistic Rain Barrel Program


2011 Artistic Rain Barrel Program

Sponsored by the City of Lincoln Watershed Management Division and the Lincoln Children's Zoo

For a third year, local artists were challenged to creatively paint rain barrels, as part of a fun way to educate the community on the benefits of using rain barrels to improve water quality. The Lincoln Children's Zoo and the City of Lincoln Watershed Management chose artists based on their applications. Teachers who applied for their class were required to submit a short description of how they will use the rain barrel as a teaching tool in their classroom. A total of 25 artists were selected for the 2011 program.

Artist had five weeks to paint and return their barrels. The barrels were displayed around the City of Lincoln for one to two months at local businesses and libraries, with the last week at the Lincoln Children's Zoo. On May 19, following an Artistic Rain Barrel exhibition at Lincoln Children's Zoo, the barrels were auctioned, with proceeds going the Lincoln Children's Zoo to support summer classes, educational information for exhibits and other environmental education programs.

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2011 Artists and Display Locations

Ponca Tribe and Circle of Youth
"Ponca Tribe"
Russ's Market
1550 S Coddington

Roudabak Mahjoob
"The Beauties of H2O and the Planet!"
2900 NW 12th St.

Lenn Marshall
"Out of the Blue"
Cornhusker Bank
1101 Cornhusker Highway

Eric Saxon
"White Cubes"
The Mill (Haymarket)
800 P St

Rachael Wells
"Prairie Trace"
Indigo Bridge Books
701 P St, Suite 102

Kristy Topil
"Summer Reflections"
Bennet Martin Brach Library
136 S 14th St

Jessica Prenosil
"Community Crops"
Open Harvest
1618 E South Street

Liz Tylander, Kat Shiffler & Diane Amdor
"Rain or Shine"
Bess Dodson Walt Branch
6701 S 14th Street

Kimberly Morris
"A White Picket Fence"
Old Navy
2950 Pine Lake Rd

Barbara Johnson
"Singing in the Rain"
Southpointe Cinema
2920 Pine Lake Rd

Joel Ebert
"Mosquito Fish"
2960 Pine Lake Rd

Theresa Rhodus
"Breaking Through"
6001 Village Dr

Matt Tiarks and Nickie Napierala of E&A Consulting Group, Inc.
Bagels and Joe
4701 Old Cheney Rd

Kari Sawyer & the Meadow Lane Kindergarteners
West Gate Bank
5625 Pine Lake Rd

Kendra Suesz
"Suncatcher Sonata"
7151 Stacy Lane

Claude Denn and Michelle Semmens
Charles H. Gere Branch
2400 S 56th Street

Katelyn Voigt
The Mill (South)
4736 Prescott Ave

Isabelle Paik
"Nebraska Farms"
Russ's Market
4400 S 33rd Court

Valdeen Nelsen & Paul Knopp
"Tribute to Nebrask's Tallgrass Prairie"
Leon's Gourmet Grocery
2200 Winthrop Rd

Allison Mattox
"Feline and Feathers"
Lincoln Children's Zoo
1222 S 27th St

Renee Langan
"A Memoir of Life's Flow"
Ideal Grocery
905 S 27th St

Eastmont Towers Community
"A Walk Through the Years"
121 N 48th St

Dane Stahr
"Rain Makes Corn"
West Gate Bank
8400 Eagle Crest Rd

Mollie Magnuson & the Goodrich at Dawes CLC "Splish Splash Painting"
"Penguin Mountain"
Victor E. Anderson Branch
3635 Touzalin Ave

Margaret Milligan & Kelly Seacrest
"Coyote Country"
Loren Corey Eiseley Branch
1530 Superior St

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