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Watershed Education: Artistic Rain Barrel Program

About the Artist: Eric Saxon, "White Cubes"

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About the Artist
Eric Saxon

Eric Saxon was born in Memphis, TN. After having his interest piqued by visual art while attending Stanford University, he returned to Memphis after graduation and had a series of visual art shows from 2002-2005 at galleries such as University of Memphis Art Museum, Marshall Arts, and Goner Records. Moving to San Francisco, Saxon spent the next years applying cut-up techniques to his Memphis work and continuing ongoing experiments in drawing, painting, and collage while working primarily as a freelance writer & proofreader. Saxon currently splits his time between Lincoln and San Francisco, and he will be attending UNL's Graduate School of Art History in the fall.

Artwork Interpretation
"White Cubes"

Location: The Mill (Haymarket), 800 P St

This work's inspiration comes from 1) speeding by the white cubes on Capitol Parkway in an automobile and 2) the black-figure vases of Archaic period Greece.


Watershed Education: Artistic Rain Barrel Program