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Watershed Education: 2012 Artistic Rain Barrel Program

About the Artist: Carol A. Packard, "Grandma's Garden"

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About the Artist
Carol A. Packard

I grew up on a dairy farm about 20 miles south of Lincoln, and lived in Lincoln most of my adult life.

I've always enjoyed being creative, whatever avenue presented itself. Growing up that was usually drawing or seeing what I could create out of scraps or discarded items. I enjoy color and design, either through fabric, painting, sculpture, or photography, my latest passion. I also am a lifetime gardner, and consider this an art form, using color and form of the plants and flowers for my palate. It's living art!

Art in any form is fun for me, and my goal is to try whatever interests me.

Artwork Interpretation
"Grandma's Garden"

Location: Christopher & Banks, 2940 Pine Lake Rd

My inspiration for the barrel came from my past garden and my grandchildren. Thus the title "Grandma's Garden". I had a garden that evolved for over 30 years. I didn't use pesticides on my garden, so had a variety of insects mixed in with the flowers. I also had a small pond, so had tadpoles, frogs and fish. My grandchildren enjoyed exploring to see what they could find. I choose the whimsical approach so the barrel would add fun to a yard or garden for other children, or the child in each of us.


Watershed Education: 2012 Artistic Rain Barrel Program