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Rain to Recreation


Rain to Recreation

On Saturday, June 7th, 2014, the City of Lincoln held the 5th Biennial Waterfest at Holmes Lake Park. For three hours (5-8 p.m.), guests learned about our most valuable resource — water. Exhibitors and volunteers helped guests to learn about what they can do to reduce pollutants in local streams and lakes.

Persons attending Waterfest 2014 received a water passport, which was marked as they stopped by each booth. For attending at least 10 stations, each person was eligible for a free gift. Free food and sodas were available. Other events included: educational exhibits and booths with hands on activities, a performance by the String Beans, canoe rides, fishing and water activities.

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Sponsors of Waterfest 2014 included:


Waterfest was held in conjunction with Public Works Day — an event that highlights the role Lincoln's Public Works & Utilities Department serves in our daily lives when we brush our teeth, flush our toilets, travel our streets, walk our sidewalks, ride a StarTran bus, or recycle our newspapers. Public Works and Utilities staff featured some of the department's big equipment, displays and fun activities, interesting information and handouts.



Rain to Recreation