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City of Lincoln
Watershed Stormwater Master Plans: Antelope Creek Watershed Basin Management Plan

Project Team and Advisory Council

Project Team

City of Lincoln
Lower Platte South Natural Resources District

This is a joint project led by the City of Lincoln and the Lower Platte South Natural Resources District.

The consulting team is comprised of EA Engineering Science and Technology in association with JEO Consulting Group, Inc. and Wright Water Engineering.

For more information, contact:

Ed Kouma
Lincoln Public Works/Utilities Department
402.441.7018 | Phone
402.441.8609 | Fax

Antelope Creek Basin Plan Advisory Council

The Basin Plan is being developed under the guidance of an Advisory Council appointed by Mayor Beutler that will meet periodically throughout the project. The Advisory Council includes both citizens and a core work group of technical representatives. The Council will provide ideas and concerns, review key fi ndings, provide input about problem areas, and review fi nal recommendations. The 12-member council includes representatives from neighborhoods, business owners, and various agencies.

  • Non-profit Agency
    Mike Renkin, NeighborWorks
  • Schools
    Scott Wieskamp, Lincoln Public Schools
  • Business Group
    Andrew Campbell, Campbell's Nursery
  • Business Group
    Steve Hill, Assurity
  • UNL
    Jennifer Dam, Planner
  • Golf Course
    Dale Hardy, Golf Administrator
  • Lincoln Children's Zoo
    John Chapo, President
  • Neighborhood Group
    Tracy Corr, 40th & 'A' Streets Neighborhood
  • Neighborhood Group
    Bob Kuzelka, Near South Neighborhood
  • UNL Water Center
    Rachael Herpel
  • LPSNRD Board
    Karen Amen
  • City Council
    Adam Hornung

Core Work Group

  • City of Lincoln Planning
    Sara Hartzell
  • City of Lincoln Public Works
    Ben Higgins
    Ed Kouma
    Miki Esposito
  • City of Lincoln Parks and Recreation
    Terry Genrich
    Paul Zillig
    JB Dixon
  • NDEQ
    Mary Schroer

Antelope Creek Watershed Basin Management Plan