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Stormwater/Floodplain Procedures and Requirements

Development/Subdivision Plans

Drainage Review

Public Works and Utilities reviews all stormwater improvements and conveyance systems that are contained within a proposed subdivision. These may include pipe systems, open drainage ways, natural channel buffers, and detention ponds. Design standards and criteria related to these stormwater systems can be found in the City of Lincoln Design Standards InterLinc Site and the City of Lincoln Drainage Criteria Manual. Also available is the Watershed Management Checklist Acrobat Document used to review all projects.

For potential developments that may be near an area where the City has completed a Watershed Master Plan, additional information may be obtained from Watershed Management pertaining to future capital improvement projects and existing watershed hydraulics and hydrology. Proposed developments which are located in or near a floodplain should refer to the Floodplain Standards for New Growth Areas and Existing Urban Areas.

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Stormwater/Floodplain Procedures and Requirements