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March 2005 - Keep it Clean, What are the Solutions?

Keep it Clean, What are the Solutions?

Submitted by City of Lincoln, Public Works and Utilities Department, Watershed Management Division

This is the sixth in a continuing series of articles provided by the City of Lincoln, Watershed Management Division to address water quality issues. In the previous several articles, we provided information on practical measures that can be taken on individual building sites for erosion and sediment control.

The underlying reason for the City's focus on erosion and sediment control is water quality. Sediment is one of the most significant pollutants that has major impacts on Lincoln's streams and waterways. However, sediment and erosion control is just one aspect of water quality regulations the City is required to address for construction site activity. Other construction site issues that pertain to water quality include, discarded building materials, concrete truck washout, chemicals, litter, and sanitary waste.

Picking up building materials that can be blown about is just good business. Providing a portable restroom for the workers on a job site is more than just valuing your employees. City ordinances require all building sites to have a portable restroom accommodations and a building materials dumpster. All potential loose material that can be blown about is to be secured or covered, even if in a roll-off container. When full, the receptacles should be removed or emptied as soon as possible.

Also, it is important to properly dispose of used engine oil and chemicals onto the ground is not allowed. The City landfill as well as other locations in the city will accept used engine oil. For a listing of these locations see the Lincoln Public Works and Utilities, Solid Waste, Recycling Operations web page at topic "Disposal Information by Type of Item." InterLinc Site

Concrete truck washing, or disposing of concrete into storm drains is not allowed. Most subdivisions have a location for concrete truck washout so that contractors having leftover concrete can dispose of it properly. Disposal of any building material into the storm drain system is also prohibited.

If you have questions about this subject please contact John Chess of the Lincoln and Lancaster County Health Department at 441-8027 or Rock Krzycki of Public Works and Utilities at 309-5936. For questions regarding locations for disposing of motor oil or other hazardous materials contact Gene Hanlon of Public Works and Utilities at 441-7043.

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