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Floodplain Standards Background Information


Flood standards for New Growth Areas were approved by the City Council on May 10, 2004 and became effective on May 25, 2004. These standards are intended to reflect the April 2003 recommendations of the Mayor's Floodplain Task Force (187 K PDF) for the City of Lincoln New Growth Areas.

The standards include amendments to the Comprehensive Plan, Lincoln Zoning and Subdivision Ordinances, Lincoln Design Standards and Drainage Criteria Manual. In general, the major components of the revised flood standards apply to New Growth Areas (see map). However, the Minimum Flood Corridor continues to be applicable within the Existing Urban Area outside of the floodplain, and the flood standards for the Existing Urban Areas also reflect the other administrative revisions and clarifications that should not be overlooked. However, the principles and policy objectives included in the Comprehensive Plan amendment apply both to the City and County. Within Lincoln, the Existing Urban Area is intended to be addressed in a second phase following the adoption of standards for New Growth Areas. Standards for the County may be considered by the County Board in the future.

The flood standards for the Subdivision Ordinance have been consolidated from multiple chapters into two chapters dedicated to flood standards: one for the Existing Urban Area and one for New Growth Areas. The Zoning Ordinance was revised by eliminating Chapter 27.55, "Floodplain District," and creating two new chapters to distinguish between standards for the Existing Urban Area and New Growth Areas. In addition to the recommendations of the Mayor's Floodplain Task Force, some revisions were made to clarify ordinance provisions required by minimum federal and state standards, for administrative purposes, and for consistency between different sections of the code. Where new chapters were created - Chapters 27.52 and 27.53 of the draft Zoning Ordinance, and 26.24 and 26.25 of the draft Subdivision Ordinance - highlighted text is used to distinguish new standards from previously adopted standards since all text within new chapters is underlined.

The revised flood standards are available for review at the following locations as of June 8, 2004:

Contacts for questions regarding the new standards are as follows:

Nicole Fleck-Tooze
Lincoln Public Works & Utilities Dept.
Ben Higgins
Lincoln Public Works & Utilities Dept.
Mike DeKalb
City-County Planning Dept.

Floodplain Standards Background Information