Building & Site Overview

History & Use

Taken from the introduction to the Pershing Adaptive Reuse & Site (PARS) Study

The Pershing Center celebrated its 50th Anniversary on March 10th of 2007. During its five decade long history, Pershing Center has hosted numerous concerts, trade shows, galas, graduations, circuses, sporting events, and more. Elvis Presley performed one of his last live shows at Pershing Center before his death in 1977. Nebraska's own Johnny Carson pleased the Center's assemblage before he became a national celebrity. Sesame Street's Big Bird strutted his stuff on Pershing's stage. The National Roller Skating Association has crowned many a champion on the floor of Pershing Center. And high school students from across the State have played basketball or volleyball within the Center's walls.

Having provided fifty years of wonderful memories to local audiences, Pershing Center is sadly showing its age. The facility is considered by those in the entertainment and event industry to be functionally obsolete in its present condition. Its ability to host most contemporary concerts, sporting events, and other activities is severely limited. And with permanent seating for little more than 4,000 patrons, Pershing Center is unable to attract to Lincoln many of the performers and events the local audiences seeks.