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Lincoln, Surrounding County 911 Services Disabled

Problems with Windstream phone service have disabled 911 service in Lincoln and Lancaster County.

Anyone with a medical emergency should call the numbers below:

Emergency wastewater issues:

Emergency water issues:

Ham radio operators can be found at these locations:

Citizens urged to monitor National Weather Service All-Hazards Radio

Windstream Service Down; Emergency Response Affected

Windstream telephone service is down in a widespread area of southeast Nebraska including much of the city of Lincoln and Lancaster, Cass, Saunders and Butler Counties.

Windstream officials are working on the problem, but there is no indication of how long phone service will be out. Landline 911 service has been restored, and some wireless 911 carriers are re-routing calls to the cell phone numbers above. Anyone unable to get through to 911 should use the cell numbers above.

Lancaster County and Lincoln officials are working to help emergency reponses. The Lincoln Ham Radio Club is deploying volunteers strategically throughout the city. People with emergencies can find these folks who can then contact 911. A list of some of their locations is found above.

Police and sheriffs are also encouraging those people with emergencies to go to the nearest fire station for assistance. Increases sheriffs patrols are deploying around the county for rural persons who have emergencies. People in those communities outside Lincoln should go to the nearest city office if they have an emergency.

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