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Web Assistants / Contacts

City Web Assistants:

Department Web Assistants / Contacts
City Council Mary Meyer •
Mayor's Department
5 City TV
Justin Kohmetscher ±
Bill Luxford ±
Jeremy A. Hoshor
Building & Safety Michelle Leaver ±
City Attorney Terri Storer ±
Cheryl Eno ±
Finance Department
City Clerk

Mark Leikam ±
Judy Roscoe •
Jamie Phillips ±
Deb Winkler ±
Shelly Hinze ±
Fire Department Julie McGahan ±
Health Department Trudy Franssen
Zhong Xu ±
Lincoln City Libraries Peter Jorgensen
Parks & Recreation Kathryn A Scholl ±
Personnel Department Douglas Thorpe ±
Diane Forbes •
Lavada Shuster •
Planning Department Missy Minner ±
Scott Richert ±
Teresa Mckinstry •
Jean Walker •
Police Department Katie Flood ±
Public Works/Utilities Shannon Ideus ±
Michelle Zuhlke ±
Chris Koll •
Urban Development Opal Doerr ±
± = Senior Web Assistant, • = Web Assistant

County Web Assistants:

Agency Web Assistants / Contacts
Board of Commissioners Minette Genuchi ±
Budget and Fiscal Minette Genuchi ±
Dennis Meyer
Community Mental Health Center Scott Etherton •
Mandi Daws
Cooperative Extension Jim Wies
Corrections Melanie Koch
County Assessor / Register of Deeds Doug Guess ±
County Attorney Nicole Ringler ±
Jolene Seachord
County Clerk Melissa Virgil ±
County Engineer Scott Robinson ±
County Sheriff Tom Trotter ±
Don Young ±
Sharon Penry
County Treasurer Lloyd Otto
District Court Linda Sanchez-Masi
Election Commissioner Dave Shively ±
Emergency Services Doug Ahlberg
Patti Talamante ±
Human Services Cathy Behrns
Property Management Jeanne Sayers
Public Defender Monica Ross
Records and Info Management Brian Pillard
Risk Management Sue Eckley
Veterans Service Center Gary Chalupa
Weed Control Authority Russ Shultz
Lori Prachel •
Youth Services Center Melissa Hood
± = Senior Web Assistant, • = Web Assistant

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