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Frequently Asked Questions Concerning City Street Trees

Who do I contact about street trees and other trees on public property?

  • Planting, Trimming, Maintenance: Community Forestry (402) 441-7847, weekdays from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm
  • Tree Related Emergencies: Lincoln Police Department, (402) 441-6000, after hours/weekends/holidays
  • Vandalism/Vehicular Accidents: Lincoln Police Department, (402) 441-6000
  • Power Lines: Lincoln Electric System (LES), (402) 467-7678

Can I plant street trees on the City right-of-way?
Yes, but you need a no-fee planting permit to do so. Call Community Forestry at (402) 441-7847.

What kind of street trees can I plant and where can it be planted?
The City of Lincoln has a street tree master plan which identifies tree species and planting locations on public property. Please call Community Forestry at (402) 441-7847 for more information. Street trees must have a minimum trunk diameter of 1”.

Can I request to have or not have street trees planted on the City right-of-way adjacent to my property?

Who is responsible for watering city street trees?
The owner of the property abutting the City right-of-way where the street trees are located is responsible for the care of the tree.

Can I remove a street tree from the City right-of-way?
Written permission from the Community Forestry team must be obtained prior to removal. Any expense incurred is the homeowners responsibility.

Can street trees only be pruned by the City?
No, individual property owners may prune street trees located on city property, provided ANSI A300 pruning standard are followed.

Are property owners charged for the work of planting, pruning and/or removal of a City street tree done by the Parks and Recreation Department?
Planting of City street trees is funded by a cost-share basis with the Street Tree Voucher Program. City tree pruning and removal done by Community Forestry is at no charge to the property owner.

How long should I keep mulching my street tree with woodchips?
Trees should be mulched for a minimum of 5 years from the time it is planted. Research has shown that mulching is the best thing a homeowner can do for the tree.


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