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Adopt-an-Ash Program

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What is the Adopt-an-Ash Program?

Adopt an ash

Lincoln’s Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) Response and Recovery Plan focuses on proactively working with neighborhoods to remove and replace public ash trees along streets and on public lands. However, we recognize that some residents like to have options and be involved in determining the future of public trees near their home or business. In that spirit, we are providing an option for a no-cost permit for those who would like to “adopt” ash street trees that are adjacent to their property by arranging and paying for their ongoing treatment. protect our Trees

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Download the Adopt-an-Ash (english) brochure. Brochures in Spanish, Arabic, and Vietnamese are available for download. Other informational brochures are under the "Links" section below.

Public Ash Trees

To find out if the street tree adjacent to your home or business is an ash tree, use the interactive map below. If you have questions or have trouble finding a location or tree on the map, contact the Community Forestry division at Parks and Recreation at 402-441-7847 (Ext. 0).

Ash Tree Inventory

To locate the 7-digit ash tree ID (i.e. T005206), please complete the following steps:

  • Type the address of interest into the search bar, located in the upper-left corner. Alternatively, use a mouse to navigate the map.
  • Ash trees are identified by a green dot. Click on the green dot if there is one located at the address of interest. If the ash tree is already adopted, there will be an orange halo around the green dot.
ash tree map lengend
  • Write down the tree ID number from the pop-up box. Enter this tree ID onto the Adopt-an-Ash Permit Application, which can be downloaded here.
Click here to veiw the map in full. For all questions, please visit the Adopt-an-Ash website, or call 402-441-7847.
Please note that the Microsoft Edge browser does not fully support this application in full screen. Suggested browser applications include Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari.

Adopt-an-Ash Permit

A no-cost permit has been established to allow residents to adopt an ash street tree in the public right-of-way by providing ongoing chemical treatment to minimize damage by Emerald Ash Borer (EAB). In order to be effective, trees must be treated every two years on an ongoing basis. The optimal timing of trunk injections occurs after trees have leafed out in the spring but before EAB eggs have hatched, which is generally between mid-May and mid-June.

Download the Adopt-an Ash Permit Application PDF

Street Tree Eligibility

There are certain criteria that must be met in order for Lincoln Parks and Recreation to approve the permit:
  1. The ash tree must be in the public right-of-way adjacent to the lot where you live or have a business.
  2. The diameter (width) of the tree when measured 4.5 feet above the ground must be at least 14”.
  3. The tree may not be under overhead wires.
  4. The tree must be in good condition with no significant wounds visible.
  5. Public trees may only be treated with a chemical trunk injection method. Please note that no other chemical applications are allowed for public trees. Other treatment methods that are not allowed include: soil drench, soil injection, trunk sprays or foliage sprays.
  6. All chemical treatments must be in accordance with state and federal regulations and applied only by a licensed applicator.

How to Apply

Download and complete the Adopt-an Ash Permit Application. Include the Street Tree ID number for each tree to be treated by identifying one more trees using the Ash Tree Map program above, or by contacting the Community Forestry division at Parks and Recreation at 402-441-7847 (Ext. 0).

Return the application form by:

  1. Mailing it to the Lincoln Parks and Recreation Department at the address on the application
  2. Delivering it to the Parks and Recreation office in person, or
  3. Scanning the completed form and emailing it to

If the application form is complete and accurate, it will be approved immediately. The Permit Approval form will be returned by the method received. After the street tree has been treated, you will need to return the bottom portion of the Permit Approval form with an invoice from the pesticide applicator to verify that the treatment is complete.

Once issued, the permit will be valid for two years. Upon expiration, you will need to request a new permit if you wish to continue treatment of the tree. If a new permit is not requested, the tree will be scheduled into a phased sequence for removal.

FAQ's & Helpful Links

What is a public ash tree? A tree that in the right-of-way (typically between the street and sidewalk) and/or in pre-selected parks or golf courses.

Questions If you have any questions about EAB or the process for adopting a public ash street tree, please contact Community Forestry at 402-441-7847 and press 0.

For more information visit the Nebraska Forest Service EAB website:


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