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Developer/Contractor Street Tree Information

This page is for developers and contractors needing documents related to street tree surety.

Important Information

  • Pursuant to Chapter 2.35, Design Standards for Street Trees - Planning/Zoning and Section 12.20 of the Lincoln Municipal Code, street tree locations shall be marked by the City Arborist or designee prior to planting.
  • Utility locations shown are approximate. Contractors need to verify locations and depths to all utilities which exist on or near the project site. Prior to planting, the contractor must contact Diggers Hotline at 1-800-331-5666 to have utilities marked.
  • City ordinace requires that planted trees have a minimum trunk diameter of 1".
  • Landscaping shall be installed per Chapter 31 of City of Lincoln Standard Specifications for Municipal Construction.
  • Contact the Forestry Division for designated street trees as identified by the City's Master Street Tree Plan.

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