Applications & Permits

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Name of Application/Permit Print Only Fill-In
Auctioneers License Application 16K -
Carnival, Fair or Festival Application (Bureau of Fire Prevention) - 620K
Entertainment District Application 52K -
Financial Report for Solicitation 9K -
Film Permit 43K -
Hobbyist Permit 14K -
Lottery / Raffle Application 45K -
Lottery / Raffle Tax Report Form 35K -
Mechanical Amusement Device Permit & Occ. Tax Paid 45K -
Mobile Home Court Application 29K -
Newsrack(s) Permit 31K -
Parade Permit 38K -
Pawnbroker's License 22K -
Public Dance, Annually 31K -
Public Dance, One-Time 33K -
Public Dance, Teenage Annually 38K -
Public Dance, Teenage One-Time 44K -
Request For Reasonable Accommodation To Housing29K -
Routine Ambulance App 44K -
Second Hand Jewelry Permit Application 30K -
Sidewalk Café Permit Application 44K -
Sidewalk Vendor Permit 30K -
Special Designated License 191K -
Special Event Permit - City 79K -
Tobacco License Application 22K -
Vending Machine Application 32K -
Wholesale Vendor - Vending Machine Application 11K 96K

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