Hazardous Material Clean-up

A cost recovery ordinance for when an event occurs causing the release of a hazardous material requiring mitigation by the City of Lincoln Fire and Rescue Department. The charges incurred to clean up will be billed to the responsible party per LMC 2.20.170.

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If you have any questions, please call the City of Lincoln, Special Response Division, Monday thru Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm at (402) 441-5661.

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LMC 2.20.170
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Related to Hazardous Material Billing

Why is the City of Lincoln Billing for Hazardous Materials Response?

Lincoln Municipal Code 2.20.170 Hazardous Materials Clean-up Cost Recovery allows for the recuperation of expenses associated with the response and temporary abatement of hazardous material releases in the City of Lincoln.

How are the fees I am assessed determined?

Fees associated with the invoices are determined by the actual cost of personnel dispatched to the incident inclusive of apparatus usage and supplies associated with the incident. Fees are reviewed and approved by City Council on a bi-annual basis.

I am a contractor; however, my company did not cause the incident in question. Why am I being billed?

The City of Lincoln invoices the company/contractor permitted by the City of Lincoln to conduct operations. The hiring of contractors or subcontractors and their respective subsequent actions are the responsibility of the permit holder.

I should not be "at fault" as I had the pipeline located and it appears to have been mismarked?

On scene responders do not determine who is "at fault". If you feel you have been billed in error, please refer to the dispute process outlined in Lincoln Municipal Code 2.20.210 and provide any documentation related to your incident. Examples of documentation can be, but not limited to; Photographs, locator tickets, appropriate maps