Occupation Taxes

Under Assessment

Businesses under assessment receive a tax assessment notice via certified mail or hand delivery. Once a business has been assessed for delinquent taxes, a representative of the business must contact the City Treasurer's office to resolve the assessment. On-line payments are not accepted for any tax periods on or before the assessment date because there may be interest and penalties due for the tax periods assessed. For tax periods after the assessment date, on-line payments are accepted.

If the business has not yet contacted the City Treasurer concerning this tax assessment, please do so as soon as possible to avoid additional interest and penalties by calling 402-441-7457 or visiting the City Treasurer's office at 555 S 10th St, Suite 103.

If you have already set up a plan with the City Treasurer's office to resolve the tax assessment, payments for the tax periods associated with the assessment must be paid in accordance with the agreed upon plan.