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AmbuTrak Help


  1. Click link
  2. Logon using RIR and lincoln as your password. All lower case
  3. Select unit, in your case the Station and apparatus or medic unit you are assigned to.
  4. Reset password in blue “menu” box on top left
  5. You should see several separate red boxes in the middle of the page
    Engine company on the rig
    Engine company red bag
    Engine company airway/trauma bag
    EMS supplies for engine company station only.
  6. Open each and look at the check sheets. The easiest way is hit the “set to par” button and then reduce the number with the “-“ sign if you are down any supplies. If everything is there, when you submit it will turn green. If something is missing, it turns yellow and if it hasn’t been checked it stays red. Call me if you have questions on this.
  7. Look at red tool bar on top right of screen. First item is “Inventory”, second item is “Inspections”. Click on “Inspections”
  8. Open the “Engine Cab Area”
  9. Top line is “this apparatus checked by a BLS provider”. This is a yes/no answer so if you are BLS you won’t have to complete the daily red bag check. You will have to account for the controlled substances though. The rest are of the questions are the same way. You will have to enter a Captain and FAO to allow you to close the screen.

Password Help
If you have trouble with your password, pleast contact either Kelly Carter (3837), Angie Williams (8345), or and EMS 1 Supervisor. These people are all administrators of the system and can reset your password.

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