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Entry-Level Firefighter testing is conducted by the City of Lincoln Human Resources. Testing currently includes a written exam and oral board interviews.

Written Exam
A written exam will be held as the first part of the testing process. Candidates must receive a passing score as determined by City of Lincoln Human Resources. Lincoln Fire & Rescue will hold a prep course for those interested (a link will be provided when dates are determined). Each session is taught by firefighters who are familiar with written test procedures. Firefighters will be available to answer questions post workshop. Upon completion of the written exam, candidates will be directed to the physical ability test site.

Instructions for the exam session are read aloud by the test monitor. The test requires that applicants read printed materials and record their answers on an optically scanned computer answer sheet.

Physical Ability Test (PAT)
Physical ability test will be a 1.5 mile run completed in less than 15 minutes. The PAT will not be weighed in your overall score, it is pass/fail.

Oral Board Interview
Candidates who successfully complete the written exam/PAT will be notified of the date, time, and location of the oral board interview.

The oral board interview is a structured panel interview during which candidates provide information about their skills, qualifications, background and interests.

Candidates who pass the oral board interview are placed on a eligibility list according to performance during the written and oral board interview.

EMS Oral Board Interview
The second interview includes questions that assess the applicants knowledge, skills, and abilities specific to paramedicine.

Eligible List
The role of the City of Lincoln Human Resources department is to establish an eligible list of candidates who pass the written exam and oral board interview. Candidates will be selected for a final interview with the fire chief of Lincoln Fire & Rescue.

Background check
Canditate will be subject to an extensive background check.

Conditional Offer
Prospective employees of LF&R will receive conditional offers from the fire chief. The final hiring decision will depend upon the results of a rigorous psychological and medical evaluation.

Questions about the testing process, including questions regarding the application process, test dates and veteran's scoring criteria should be directed to the City of Lincoln Human Resources Department at 402-441-7597.

For all other questions about the hiring process, please email

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