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On August 25th, 1997 the Commission of Fire Accreditation International (CFAI) granted accredited agency status to five fire departments. Representatives from Lincoln, Nebraska; Tempe, Arizona; Greensboro, North Carolina; Naperville, Illinois, and Los Alamos, New Mexico received the awards at the International Association of Fire Chiefs annual conference in Dallas, Texas. Then Lincoln Fire Department Fire Chief Mike Merwick accepted the tribute on behalf of Lincoln citizens and all fire department personnel whom he credited with making accreditation a reality. Chief Merwick stated "It is honor to be one of the first fire departments in the world to achieve this status."

As the accreditation process has evolved over the years, the process has grown even more extensive with a large part of the process focusing on community risk assessment and efficient deployment of resources. The change of focus reflects the change in the fire service from the traditional role of fire response, to an all-hazards focus. The new process also reflects focus on community expectations both in terms of response and fiscal efficiency and responsibility.

The most recent accreditation award occurred in 2014 under Fire Chief John Huff. The department underwent an exhaustive evaluation by a third party peer assessment team. The team found the self-assessment completed by the department as well as the Standards of Response Coverage document to be credible. During this process the assessment team made specific and strategic recommendations to improve department facilities, procedures and processes. Lincoln Fire & Rescue has accepted these recommendations and has either accomplished the recommendations or placed them in the Capital Improvement Plan. This third party process is invaluable to the department providing a true and unbiased critical assessment of the organization.

In 2014 per CPSE, Lincoln Fire & Rescue submitted an Annual Compliance Report delineating continued compliance with the core competencies as defined by CPSE. In addition, LFR was able to show that programs and processes identified during the site assessment have been accepted.

Currently, Lincoln Fire & Rescue remains focused on maintaining the department accreditation status. The department recognizes the fact that being an accredited agency is a process that is ongoing. The process enables the department to identify strengths and weaknesses and encourages ongoing review of the delivery of services to the community. Lincoln Fire & Rescue utilizes the process to assist in the development of planning for acute and long term organizational improvement and ultimately the delivery of the best service attainable to its customers, the citizens of Lincoln.

Lincoln Fire & Rescue remains one of only 133 accredited fire departments worldwide. This is a tremendous accomplishment for the organization and a compliment to the community.

For more information please contact Battalion Chief Brad Thavenet at (402) 441-6700.

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