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LFR Patch The Story Behind the Lincoln Fire & Rescue Logo...
The shield shape of Lincoln Fire & Rescue's Logo has been used by the department since the 1950's. The shield is symbolic of protection and safety, both of which the department has been providing to the community as a full time service since 1884. In the early 1980's, in an effort to better represent the variety of services provided to the community, members of the department developed the current LFD logo. On top of the shield is the Maltese Cross, a symbol used by the Knights of Saint John, who are believed to be the first firefighters in history. This symbol has long been used to represent the values of the fire service. On top of the Maltese cross is the square seal of the department's primary services, Fire Protection services, Medical emergency services, fire prevention thru inspection, and education of the public about fire and other emergency safety.

LFR patches may be purchased for $3.00 by sending a check or money order to:

Lincoln Fire & Rescue
1801 'Q' Street
Lincoln, NE 68508

When you provide a check as payment, you authorize us either to use the information from your check to make a one-time electronic fund transfer from your account or to process the payment as a check transaction. When we use information from your check to make an electronic fund transfer, funds may be withdrawn from your account as soon as the same day you make your payment, and you will not receive your check back from your financial institution.

EMT Patch All members of the Emergency Services Division of Lincoln Fire & Rescue are trained to meet or exceed the Federal Department of Transportation Emergency Medical Technician requirements. Licensed to practice as an EMT in Nebraska, this patch includes the state outline, the Staff of Life & fire department indicator.

Paramedic rocker patch Members of Lincoln Fire & Rescue who are trained and certified to meet the National Registry Certification and the Nebraska state certification wear the paramedic (rocker) indicating they have achieved paramedic skill level.

Silver Cross Gold Cross Red Cross Maltese Crosses long have been used as a symbol in the fire service. Lincoln Fire & Rescue utilizes maltese crosses on dress uniform wear indicating years of service. Each cross indicates completion of 5 years of service to the department. Firefighters wear red malteses crosses on the sleeve of the dress uniform, captains wear silver and chief officers wear gold.

USAR Patch

Members of Lincoln Fire & Rescue who voluntarily participate in the National Urban Search and Rescue program, wear the urban search and rescue patch on their USAR uniform. Members of the task force are also authorized to wear the United States Flag symbolizing their participation in the National Disaster Rescue Response program.

Flag Patch

Back of USAR T-shirts Lincoln Fire & Rescue's Urban Search & Rescue Task Force has adopted the "Rescue from the Heartland theme". Available at all times to nation wide disaster response, NE-TF1 can assist other communities during disasters.

These badges are worn by the fire chief.

Fire Chief Badge Fire Chief Hat Badge Fire Chief Collar Badges

Assistant Chief Badge Assistant Chief Collar Badge

These badges are worn by assistant chiefs.

Deputy Chief Badge Deputy Chief Hat Badge Deputy Chief Collar Badges

These badges are worn by deputy chiefs.

Captain Badge Captain Hat Badge Captain Collar Badges

These badges are worn by captains.

Firefighter Badge Firefighter Hat Badge

These badges are worn by firefighters and firefighter/medics.

Mechanic Badge

This badge is worn by mechanics.

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