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Fire Station 11 is currently located at 4600 West Adams. Fire Engine 11 is always staffed with three, sometimes four, firefighters. The crew consists of a fire captain, fire apparatus operator, firefighter, and or a firefighter/paramedic. Lincoln Fire & Rescue (LF&R) personnel work 24/7/365 with three shifts; each shift works 24 hours at a time.

Fire Station 11 personnel provide all hazards services which include emergency medical and fire suppression services to the Airpark neighborhood approximately 350 responses per year. In 2000, a backup ambulance was placed at Fire Station 11 and personnel began responding to all life threatening medical emergencies in and around the Airpark area using this ambulance. This allows for efficient and effective medical transport services.

In addition to these duties, Fire Station 11 personnel are responsible for daily department staffing and scheduling public education events.

In 2018 Station 11 was moved from the airport runway to 4600 West Adams. This location allows for better service to the families, businesses, and business patrons through quicker response as its location is much closer to the residential and commercial community than before.

We take great pride in being the Airpark protectors. We know we will get help from fellow brothers and sisters if we need it but we are the first responders to Airpark. We are your dedicated and proud professionals ready to be the first to address any emergency in and around Air Park Fire Station.

We are your fire station, we are always open to help with any questions, give you a tour, or take your blood pressure.

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