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Station 8 is the second oldest (1958) and one of the busiest stations in Lincoln. Station 8 is located at the intersection of 17th Street and Van Dorn Street and serves several Lincoln neighborhoods including the Country Club and Indian Village.

Fire Station 8 is home to Truck 8, Engine 8 and Medic 8. Truck 8 is staffed with a captain, fire apparatus operator and two firefighters. Engine 8 is staffed with a captain, fire apparatus operator, firefighter and a firefighter/paramedic. Medic 8 is staffed with a firefighter (driver) and a firefighter/ paramedic. The crews work on three separate shifts each lasting 24 hours.

Truck 8 is responsible for search, rescue, and ventilation operations at fires. At rescue incidents, Truck 8 mitigates hazards and performs technical rescue operations. Within our district, Truck 8 will respond to medical incidents to stabilize and assist with patient care. Technical rescue disciplines include high and low angle rope rescue, confined space, ice rescue, trench rescue, and water emergencies. In addition, Truck 8 performs public service duties such as lift assists and hazardous gas monitoring.

Engine 8 is responsible for fire extinguishment at fires. Engine 8 responds to many medical emergencies. Within our district, Engine 8 will respond to medical incidents to stabilize and assist with patient care. Engine 8 will assist in technical rescue disciplines include; rope rescue, confined space, ice rescue, trench rescue, water emergencies, lift assist and hazardous gas monitoring.

Medic 8 is responsible for medical triage, patient assessment care, and transportation. Medic 8 responds city and county wide to any type of medical call, based on available medic units in service.

Serving Our Community
The dedicated members of Fire Station 8 proudly serve the citizens of Lincoln. In addition to handling emergencies, Truck 8, Engine 8, and Medic 8 are involved in other programs. We assist with public education by providing station tours and giving in-school presentations. Other fire prevention duties include Knox Box maintenance, business inspections, and developing building pre-plans to aid in the response to emergencies. Members are responsible for station maintenance and routine checks on station systems. To assure readiness, the crew conducts daily, weekly, and monthly checks and maintenance on apparatus and equipment. High quality service and safe operations would not be possible without year-round, continuous training. This includes all aspects of firefighting, medical services, hazardous materials, and many disciplines of technical rescue.

We are proud to serve the City of Lincoln and the neighborhoods within. Your safety is our number one concern. The members of Station 8 invite you to stop for a visit to see and learn more about your neighborhood fire station.

Station #8

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