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Fire Station 9, located at 901 North Cotner, opened on September 1962. It houses Engine 9 and EMS 1. Station 9 typically responds on medical and fire emergencies in the Bethany, Meadow Lane and Gateway areas of Northeast Lincoln but can respond to anywhere in the city if needed.

Five people staff Station 9. The engine has a captain, a driver, a firefighter/ paramedic and a firefighter. EMS 1 has one firefighter paramedic and manages the cities paramedics and responds to medical emergencies over the entire city to assist and monitor the paramedic program. The crew at Station 9 is trained to the hazardous materials technician level, one of three stations in the city. These personnel respond to hazardous materials incidents anywhere in the city when necessary.

Firefighters have very unique schedules. All Lincoln fire fighters work 24hr shifts averaging 56 working hours a week. LF&R employees work thirteen days every other day and then have eight consecutive days off known as Kelly days. This cycle takes a total of 21 days. See frequently asked questions on more about the work schedule.

A typical shift starts a 07:00 am. At 07:05 a department wide informational meeting is conducted via a close circuit television system; the conference call is with all 14 stations. Daily information is shared about company and department activities.

Each station then is responsible to start their daily duties. Personnel check all the equipment to ensure its operation and up keep, station cleaning and/or training also begins. Lunch preparation also takes place early in the morning. Some stations make their own meals while others let individuals bring their own in. All meals are paid for by the firefighters and not by the city.

After lunch, training or public education or business inspection actives are conducted either at the station, fire department training centers, or on-site locations. All firefighters, paramedics, drivers, captains and chiefs are required to participate in monthly, trimester and annual trainings.

After 17:00, firefighters are required to partake in physical fitness. LF&R Physical Fitness and Wellness Program which are maintenance programs designed to keep each member fit. The department has committed approximately 1 ˝ hrs per day for members to participate in the program. The fitness program includes several options from weight training to running.

After 17:00, firefighters may rest if all duties have been completed. Many choose to study for promotion or watch TV. The day room is an area where crews and individuals watch training DVD’s and fire curriculum. Families may also come and visit in the dayroom at this time…all the while firefighters are still responding to medical and fire emergences.

The office is an area utilized 24 hrs. a day, 7 days a week where reports are completed for fire and medical emergencies. Also, all training and extra activities are entered into a computer and added to a data base in order to track and keep up with federal, state and local requirements and regulations.

To schedule a station tour call our public information number at (402) 441-8368 or visit our web site and click on our schedule link Or just stop in and say Hi.

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