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*** Please Make Requests AT LEAST
THIRTY(30) DAYS in Advance! ***

LF&R will strive to meet your request but in the event of a shortage of resources,
your request may be denied.

* Contact Person Making Request. First & Last Name:

* What is the name of your organization?

* Where should we send the bill? (Address / City / State / Zip)

* Name of the event?

* Address of Event (Example: 2235 F Street):

* Event Date (mm/dd/yy): Please make requests AT LEAST 30 days in advance.

*LFR will arrive 30 minutes prior to the start of your event.
If you need us to arrive sooner than 30 minutes, please comment in the special instruction box below.

* Event Start Time: * AM / PM:

* Estimated End Time: * AM / PM:

* How will LFR resources be notified they are released to leave the event?

Resource Request:

What resources (and how many) are you requesting for the standby?

*Ambulance Standby:

*Bike Team Standby:

*Fire Apparatus -- Suppression:

*Fire Apparatus -- Extrication:

*Command Staff:

*Water Rescue Standby:

**If your event requires additional resources, please comment in the special instruction box below.**


Download the LF&R Standby Services Contract and return signed copy and required documentation to the point of contact listed in Appendix C. Signed contract and documentation must be received 30 days prior to any approval of requested resources.

I believe LFR has a current Standby Services Contract on file.

I am in the process of submitting the signed LFR Standby Services Contract, I understand my request will not be reviewed until signed contact and documentation has been received.

* I acknowledge I have read section 'IV Finance' in the contract that oulines how charges are figured.

If significant resources are requested, a command staff may be required for your event.

Comments/Special Instructions?

How can we contact you?

*Email Address:    

Email Address #2:

Home Phone:

*Work Phone:    

Cell Phone:

=>> To change a scheduled event less than 72 hours in advance, call the LFR on duty Battalion Chief at (402) 441-8357.

=>> Changes to your event scheduled more than 72 hours in advance please LFR's Point of Contact.

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What We Have to Offer

Ambulance Standby:
One Ambulance staffed with one Paramedic and one EMT

Bike Team Standby:
One Paramedic , one EMT, two bicycles. Typically used for large crowds on streets.

Fire Apparatus Suppression:
One Fire Engine and Firefighters to staff the Engine

Fire Apparatus Extrication:
One Fire Truck and Firefighters to staff the Truck

Command Staff:
Supervisors assigned to oversee multiple LF&R resources assigned to an event.

Water Rescue Standby:
Water rescue personnel and equipment.

Any other requests must be approved by LFR's Point of Contact.

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