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All documents are in PDF format.

Outcomes Descriptions (25kb)
Medic Unit Outcomes (8kb)
Primary Diagnosis Summary 01/01/08-12/31/08 (26kb)
Primary diagnosis summary for 2008: Totals 23,127. This will pull all primary diagnosis for any report (engine or medic) that completed this field. At times, the crew will enter more than one diagnosis in this field.
Nature of Call 01/01/08-12/31/08 (23kb)
Nature of Call for 2008: Totals 34,465. Certain types of cancelled calls do not require this field to be populated. Otherwise, there should be one for each medic or engine PCR.
Outcome Summary (20kb)
Outcomes for 2008: Totals 34,475. This total is for each PCR completed. (Wheather there was a patient transported or if the unit was cancelled.)
LFR1290R (109kb)
LFR1290R: Totals 14,693 medical incidents. This report incident specific, will give you the total number of runs for 2008.

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