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*** Please Make Requests AT LEAST
One Week in Advance! ***

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* Event Date (mm/dd/yy): Please make requests ATLEAST 1 week in advance.

2nd Event Date Choice (mm/dd/yy): In case 1st choice is unavailable.

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* To change a scheduled event, call (402) 441-8393.

Programs are provided by personnel from the nearest fire station as an in service activity. Firefighters may be dispatched to an emergency during the program. Host of the event must be prepared for this possibility during the presentation.

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What We Have to Offer

Blood Pressure Check: Fire Apparatus would come to your location and take blood pressures for a limit of 1 hour.

CPR Classes: For CPR classes, click here.

Station 14 Community Room: Please call or email Kim McKay at (402) 441-4966.

Classroom Lecture/Neighborhood Association Meetings: Fire personnel come speak to a class/group for approximately one hour about fire and burn safety in the home.

Fire Station Tours: (Target Audience: Age 5-12 years) Tours of fire stations are available to school and citizen groups on a limited basis and will be scheduled at a convenient time for both LFR personnel and citizens. These tours are conducted by on-duty firefighters in service (available for calls) who work at the specified fire station requested. The tour includes what comprises a "typical" day at the fire station, along with a description of the fire equipment used during various types of emergency incidents. This tour will take approximately 45 minutes to complete. We ask that tours be for groups of 50 people or less. Larger groups are allowed, but by special request only. This service is approximately 45 min in length and is limited to 1 hour.

Rig Demo/Hat, Coat, and Boot: (Target Audience: Ages 3 & Up) While in service (available for calls) a fire engine or ladder truck, from your neighborhood, will visit your school or citizen group and introduce young students to age appropriate fire safety skills. They will demonstrate how a firefighter looks dressed in full firefighting gear and provide a tour of the fire apparatus. This program is done outdoors which requires a parking lot or street big enough for a fire apparatus. This program is approximately 45 minutes in length and is limited to 1 hour.

All requests for resources lasting more than 1 hour need approval from the Fire Chief and or Fire Administration.

Any other requests must be approved by the fire chiefs office.

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