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What kind of training does the LFD Training Division Provide?
All Lincoln Fire Department Training is the responsibility of the Division. This includes, both skills training and classroom training in all functional areas of services. The Division coordinates and delivers training for all personnel.

How many trainers are in the Division?
The division is staffed with one Deputy Chief of Training and five day captains. This staff is supplemented with subject matter experts assigned to the duty shift for specific functional training.

What kind of training does a new employee receive?
New Firefighters are given five - eight weeks of training in a recruit academy setting, before they are assigned to a response unit. This is scheduled on an Monday - Friday work week. This training includes Nebraska Firefighter I certification, Emergency Medical, Hazardous Materials Operations and Technician, rope rescue, vehicle extraction, orientation to the department and many other aspects of firefighting and emergency services.

After this initial training, what other training is provided to a new employee?
All new employees participate in the 2 year Joint Apprenticeship and Training curriculum to achieve Journeyman Firefighter Status.

How many hours of training do firefighters participate in each year?
All firefighters at a minimum are required to participate in at least; 24 hours of fire suppression training, 8 hours of hazardous materials training, 10 hours of EMS training, blood borne pathogens training, SCBA training, diversity training, 1 live fire burn and organizational training each year.

In addition, technical rescue and hazardous materials are required to have and additional 24 hours of hazardous materials technician level training, technical rescue firefighters are required to have 24 hours of technical training and paramedics are required to have 14 additional paramedic training.

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