Food Handler Information

Food Handler Permits and Responsible Beverage Server/Seller Information can be retrieved either on-line or in-person. If you obtained a permit on line, you can print or reprint valid permits at no charge. Log in using your user name and password then click on "View Training Dashboard." Select the print option. Advance to a higher food handler permit type by viewing your training dashboard and selecting "Enter" under "Your Available Training.

FBST Nebraska
  • Online permits: FBST Nebraska

  • For in-person training, classes are offered at the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department. Click on the link below to access the most current class schedule. Please arrange to come to classes at least 10 minutes early to sign in.

    Managers of establishments that serve Time Temperature Control for Safety Foods must obtain the proper certification and permit and keep them current. Click on the link below for more detailed information.

    LLCHD issues Food Protection Manager, Restricted/Shift (RS), Prep/Cook (PC), and Serve/Clean (SC) permits. The link below shows which permits a food handler needs, based on job responsibilities.

    Click on the link below to obtain a study guide of information covered in food handler classes. You are encouraged to take notes in class.

    Responsible Beverage Server/Seller Information FBST Nebraska

    Visit these links for additional questions regarding the Responsible Beverage Server Training.