Special Waste

Special Waste has the potential to create a negative effect on the public health or the environment. Because of its characteristics, special waste requires special handling at the Landfill or is regulated by the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality, and City of Lincoln’s Municipal Code.

Our goal is to ensure the proper management of wastes from industries, commercial businesses, and home occupations that may pose a hazard to health and the environment emphasizing pollution prevention at the source.

Here are some additional quick links that will help businesses identify their needs with special waste:

Hazardous Waste

How do I know if my waste is hazardous?

Hazardous waste is a waste with properties that make it dangerous or potentially harmful to human health or the environment. A RCRA hazardous waste is a waste that appears on one of the four hazardous wastes lists (F-list, K-list, P-list, or U-list) found in the federal law that governs hazardous waste. To find out if a waste is a regulated hazardous waste under RCRA Subtitle C, the first step is to determine if the waste meets the definition of "solid waste" under RCRA Subtitle C. For more information on this topic, see the Definition of Solid Waste area. For more information on characteristic and listed wastes, see the Hazardous Waste area.

What Generator status is my business?

The EPA’s website will help your business determine the generator status that applies to your organization.

Here is a list of hazardous waste transporters.

For additional information contact the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department’s Special Waste Program at 402-441-8002.