27th Street, Holdrege Street to Fletcher Avenue Concrete Pavement Repair Project

Updated May 24, 2018

Work will resume June 4, 2018 at the intersection of North 27th and Superior streets to complete the final portion of this pavement repair project, which began in 2017. Traffic will be restricted to one lane in all directions, including left turn lanes. These remaining repairs were delayed until this year to coordinate with favorable construction weather and lower traffic volumes associated with school not being in session. Work is anticipated to continue through through June 27, and digital message boards will alert drivers to changes.

Translated Fact Sheet
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Preliminary Plan Not Final – Subject to Change

  • Project Area

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Purpose and Need

This is a pavement preservation project intended to maintain and improve the driving surface of the existing roadway facility. The need for the improvement is based upon information from the City of Lincoln’s Pavement Management System (overall condition rating) and visual inspections by City staff.

Scope of Work

The project consists of replacing and/or repairing concrete panels, joints, median surfacing, curbs, and curb inlets within the street that are deteriorated. Areas of the project with asphalt paving will be replaced with full depth concrete.

Access During Construction

Work will be completed under lane closures, allowing 27th Street to stay open during construction. Due to the location of the repairs, there may be times when turn lanes are closed. Access to businsses and residences will be maintained but may be limited at times. Pedestrians and bicyclists may be directed to alternate crossings while repairs are made in crosswalks.


All work is anticipated to take place within existing right-of-way and easements.


Impacts to wetlands are not anticipated.

Traffic Volume Estimates:

27th Street, Holdrege to Fletcher
Year 2015 2025
Vehicles Per Day: 31,000 34,200
Percentage Trucks: 0.5% 0.5%

Estimated Cost of the Project

This pavement preservation project is eligible to receive 80 percent federal funding for construction and construction engineering, with a 20 percent local funding match. The cost of the proposed project is approximately $3.9 million and would derive from federal and local funding sources.

Public Involvement

Pre-Construction Open House – April 6, 2017
5:30 to 7 p.m.
Salvation Army, 2625 Potter Street (use northeast entrance)
Meeting Invitation PDF | Tiếng Việt PDF (Vietnamese) | Meeting Handout PDF (bilingual)

Project Contacts

  • Lance Murry, Construction Project Manager

    Olsson Associates

  • Zach Becker, Project Engineer

    City of Lincoln, Engineering Services
    Email: zbecker@lincoln.ne.gov