West "A" and Southwest 17th Storm Drain Improvements

October 2013

The roadway ditch along the north side of West "A" Street near Southwest 17th Street has been eroding due to storm runoff for several years. Recurring maintenance has been required to protect the integrity of West "A" Street. The purpose of the project is to construct a permanent fix to stabilize the existing roadway ditch.

This project will construct a new storm drain system along the north side of West "A" Street west and east of Southwest 17th Street. New storm drain pipe will be constructed to collect storm runoff from the area north and west of the intersection. The storm drain pipe and manholes will be installed near the north edge of West "A" Street. The storm drain system will drain into an existing 42-inch pipe located approximately 200 feet east of the intersection of West "A" Street and Southwest 17th Street. The existing culverts beneath the driveways in the project area and Southwest 17th Street will be removed. Existing ditches between drives will be partially filled to create shallow ditches and inlet pipes will be installed to collect the runoff between driveways. The combination of shallow ditches and additional pipe will reduce erosion. The bottom of each ditch section will be re-graded to direct water to the pipe entrances.

Project Location Map (242 K) PDF

Existing Ditch Looking West from SW 17th Street Existing Ditch Looking West from SW 17th Street

HR Bookstrom Construction of Lincoln, Nebraska has been awarded the contract for completion of this work. The contractor has indicated work will begin October 21, 2013, and it is expected the project will take three to four weeks to complete. There will be some inconvenience to residents and businesses in this area as the work will require the closure of West "A" Street to through traffic. The contractor will allow residents access to Southwest 17th Street and their drives as the work progresses, but the removal of culverts and drive approaches will require short term closure for access at these locations. The contractor will make a concerted effort to restore access as quickly as possible.

Public Involvement

Open House - Monday, June 17, 2013
Roper Elementary School, 2323 S Coddington Ave.

Project Contacts

  • Construction Project Manager

    Harry Kroos
    Public Works and Utilities, Engineering Services
    Phone: 402-429-4872
    Email: hkroos@lincoln.ne.gov

  • Project Contractor

    Derek Bookstrom
    HR Bookstrom Construction
    Phone: 402-464-4342

  • Design Project Manager

    Jared Nelson
    Public Works and Utilities, Watershed Management
    Phone: 402-441-4955
    Email: jlnelson@lincoln.ne.gov