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Antelope Valley Project: Background Information

Antelope Valley Study - "The Big Picture"

Antelope Valley Study - "The Big Picture"

Download Complete Antelope Valley Study (987 K) Acrobat Document

Table of Contents

The Big Picture Overview
• Twenty Year Plan and Phase 1 Projects
• Highlights of the Phase 1 Projects
• Potential Phase 1 Benefits
Public Process/Bottoms Up Approach
• Public Consensus Process: Based on a Bottom-Up Approach
• Purposes and Needs...
• Neighborhood Leaders Thoughts on Antelope Valley
• Historic Value of Antelope Valley
Stormwater Improvements
• Corps of Engineers Draft Feasibility Report Concludes the Antelope Creek Flood Control Project is Economically Feasible
• Flood Control Project is Economically Feasible
• Past Flooding Events
• 38th Street Bridge and South Street Bridge
Traffic Improvements
• Traffic, Traffic, Traffic - Where Have We Been and Where are We Going?
• Questions Regarding the Northeast Radial and Antelope Valley
Amended Draft Single Package
Community Revitalization
• Addressing Neighborhood Vitality and Other Community Revitalization Opportunities
Project Costs & Funding
• Project Cost Estimates
• Proposed Project Funding
Project Milestones
• Antelope Valley Milestones to Date
• Upcoming Milestones
Kansas City Example
• Some Will Be Asked to Move for a Greater Public Good
• Kansas City Project Example
JAVA (Joint Antelope Valley Authority)
• Joint Antelope Valley Authority
• Reports Available for Review and Comment
• Acknowledgements
Draft Environmental Impact Statement

Background Information