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Antelope Valley Project: Background Information

Summary of Antelope Valley Projects - May 2003

Summary of Antelope Valley Projects - May 2003

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Three Primary Purposes

The term "Antelope Valley Projects" describes the first 6 to ten year set of approved governmental projects that are being built in the historical center of Lincoln. Sponsored by the City of Lincoln, University of Nebraska-Lincoln and the Lower Platte South Natural Resources District, the Antelope Valley Projects address the following purposes:

Flood Control

  • Remove the designated 100-year flood plain from 336 commercial and industrial structures, 961 residential structures and 50 acres of the University of Nebraska properties; and
  • Construct new aesthetic open waterway to convey the 100 year flood waters, which in turn will generate new private development and reinvestment opportunities.

Transportation Improvements

  • Construct 6.2 miles of new roadways to improve traffic flow in the central core and to northeast Lincoln, reduce the 16th/17th Street through traffic from the University Campus and relieve congestion on other center city arterial and local streets;
  • Eliminate two dangerous mainline at-grade railroad crossings currently utilized by over 70 freight and coal trains a day which in turn blocks motorist, emergency vehicle and business commerce over 5 hours in a twenty-four hour period; and
  • Provide a new overpass reducing the travel time to State Fair Park, the Devaney Center, the State Military areas and surrounding neighborhood areas.

Community Enhancements

  • Reverse the blighting and substandard trends in the area and increase vitality of existing and new businesses and residences;
  • Encourage economic development, job creation and private sector reinvestment;
  • Provide new community services and mixed-use developments of former flood prone areas;
  • Increase recreation and trail opportunities; and
  • Expand continue learning, health, multi-cultural and human services.


The first phase of the Antelope Valley Projects will take approximately six to ten years to construct at a public cost of approximately $223 million (2001 dollars). The first couple of projects are under construction—(i) the first stretch of the aesthetic waterway (west of Bob Devaney Center) will reduce the flooding threats and (ii) the new 30 acre Northeast Community Park (near 32nd and Leighton Avenue) will add new central city recreation opportunities. Almost two-thirds of the necessary right of way and property for the roadways and waterway have been acquired to date. Many public funding sources have been secured or identified, including federal, state and local government, as well as private contributions.


  • For every public dollar expended, a professional market economist has projected that the private sector will respond with at least 3 dollars of private investment and redevelopment in the Antelope Valley area.
  • Another professional economic report estimated the proposed Antelope Valley Projects will produce over $745 million of benefits including: $63 million of time savings with the construction of the railroad overpasses near the Bob Devaney Center; $242 million to the local and state economy with the removal of the designated 100 year floodplain and $229 million of additional construction benefits.

Proposed First Phase Antelope Valley Projects

  1. Construction of a landscaped Antelope Creek waterway from "J" Street to Salt Creek designed to safely carry 100-year flood waters, reducing the present 5 to 7 block wide designated flood plain.
  2. A new north/south arterial roadway connecting "K"/"L" Streets (at S. 19th Street) and N. 14th Street (near Cornhusker Highway).
  3. A second new east/west arterial roadway connecting 9th/10th Streets (near Memorial Stadium) and 27th Street (near Theresa Street).
  4. New four way elevated overpass over the Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad mainline allowing the closing of two very busy railroad/street intersections at N. 14th and N. 17th Streets.
  5. Development of a new Northeast Community Park and recreation fields west of N. 33rd & Huntington Avenue.
  6. Creation of a Downtown/UNL bike trail loop connecting six existing and proposed trails to provide direct access to Downtown and UNL City Campus.
  7. Enhancement of the East Downtown area with a new grocery store and mixed-use housing, retail and office opportunities.
  8. Provide new employment opportunities in the center city areas.
  9. Expanded housing styles and choices, street repaving, alley rocking, sidewalk and curb repairs, tree removal, and tree replanting in older residential neighborhoods.
  10. Increase the hours and improve availability of educational,cultural, neighborhood and human services in community learning centers and cultural centers.

Proposed Second Phase Antelope Valley Projects

Upon completion of the first phase Antelope Valley Projects in approximately six to ten years, the second and final phase proposes:

  1. Two new railroad underpasses under the Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad mainline allowing the closing of two very busy railroad/street intersections at N. 33rd Street and N. 35th/Adams Streets.
  2. Additional four miles of road improvements: (i) three new road segments starting from the east terminus of the First Phase roadway (near 27th Street & Theresa Street) and connecting to North 33rd & Superior Streets, North 35th & Adams Streets and North 33rd & Huntington Avenue and (ii) reconstruction of Holdrege Street and Military Road.

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