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Portion of "O" Street to Temporarily Close Saturday (5/27/20)
Portion of South 40th Street to Close Tuesday (5/22/20)
Portion of "O" Street to Close Sunday (5/15/20)
Portion of South 48th Street to Close Monday (5/15/20)
Closures Begin Thursday and Friday for Emergency Railroad Crossing Repairs (5/13/20)
Several Street Closures Begin Monday (5/8/20)
Public Urged to Participate in Survey on Bus System Hub (5/6/20)
Lincoln Maintains Flood Insurance Rating (5/4/20)
Several Street Closures Begin Monday (4/17/20)
StarTran's On-Demand Service Begins Monday (4/14/20)
Portion of Yankee Hill Road to Close Wednesday (4/13/20)
Portion of North 84th Street to Close Monday (4/10/20)
Several City Office Public Counters to Close (4/10/20)
Portion of "A" Street to Close Monday (4/2/20)
Public Encouraged to Participate in Watershed Management Online Survey (4/1/20)
StarTran Makes Changes to Respond to Decreased Ridership (3/31/20)
Street and Lane Closures Begin Monday (3/27/20)
Portion of South 40th Street to Close Monday (3/26/20)
StarTran UNL Bus Route Changes Start Monday (3/13/20)
Several Street Closures Begin Monday (3/13/20)
City Crews Stop Wastewater Sewer Line Overflow Tuesday (3/4/20)
Public Invited to Apply for Water Quality Landscape Funding (3/2/20)
Portion of Van Dorn Street to Close Tuesday (3/2/20)
City Advances Two Major Sustainability Efforts (2/27/20)
City Crews Stop Wastewater Sewer Line Overflow (2/24/20)
Portion of Sheridan Boulevard to Temporarily Close Thursday (2/19/20)
Mayor Urges Residents to Report Potholes and to Help Keep Street Repair Crews Safe (2/13/20)
Portion of West “A” Street to Close Wednesday (2/4/20)
All Lanes on Pine Lake Road Now Open (2/1/20)
Mayor Names Elliott to LTU Director Position (1/27/20)
City Crews Continue Material Spreading Operations on Icy Streets as They Prepare for Next Storm (01/21/20)
Mayor to Present December Award of Excellence (01/13/20)
Tree Removal to Cause Temporary Street Closure Friday (01/2/20)

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