Old Cheney Cutoff Stream Stability Project

January 2014

This project includes stream stability improvements to a small drainage way located in southwest Lincoln. The stream drains a watershed of roughly 200 acres in a largely residential area southeast of the 14th Street and Old Cheney Road intersection. The stream was experiencing erosion problems at the outlet of a concrete box culvert crossing under Rock Island Trail. The erosion was to threatening the stability of the culvert and the embankment of the Rock Island Trail approach to the bridge over 14th Street.

Project Location Map (402 K) PDF

The project included earthwork within the channel to repair the eroded banks and construction of a rock riprap stilling basin. The basin is designed to temporarily hold a pond of storm water runoff that slows the speed of water rushing out of the box culvert. By reducing the energy of the flowing water with the pool of water, the potential for channel erosion is greatly reduced. The large rocks in the riprap basin also help stabilize the channel banks to provide further erosion protection. The pool of water in the stilling basin will drain away once the runoff from the rainfall event stops. The project also features grade stabilization structures across the channel that prevent channel bottom erosion. Earthwork done within the channel included widening to form the stilling basin and transitioning the channel banks back to their natural shape and size. The project is anticipated to impact less than 200 feet of the channel.

The project design was completed by the City of Lincoln Public Works Watershed Management Division and Kirkham Michael, and the construction contractor is Gana Trucking and Excavating, Inc. The project will be paid for using funds from voter-approved storm water bonds. This project is important to the City of Lincoln in order to protect the Rock Island Trail from damage caused by erosion and will ensure the trail remains in excellent condition for years to come. Construction was substantially complete in January 2014, with additional seeding, sidewalk and trail repair scheduled to occur in the spring of 2014.

Project Contacts

  • City of Lincoln Project Manager

    Jared Nelson, PE
    Public Works and Utilities
    Watershed Management
    Phone: 402-441-4955
    Email: jlnelson@lincoln.ne.gov

  • Project Contractor

    Adam Root
    Gana Trucking & Excavating
    Phone: 402-794-5000

  • Project Consultant

    Mark Egger, PE
    Kirkham Michael
    Phone: 402-477-4240